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At Work Doll Patterns

Pam’s Patterns

                          Original Crochet & Plastic Canvas Patterns

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Original Crochet & Plastic Canvas Patterns

Firewoman & Sparky Fireman & Sparky Policewoman & Buster Fireman & Sparky





Police Officers


Firewoman & Sparky PayPal: Add Firewoman & Sparky to cart PayPal: Add Fireman & Sparky to cart EMT Girl Postal Girl Postal Boy Construction Connie Construction Chase

Postal Girl


Postal Boy


Postal Girl Postal Boy

Construction Connie


Construction Chase


PayPal: Add Postal Girl to cart PayPal: Add Postal Boy to cart PayPal: Add Construction Connie to cart PayPal: Add Construction Chase to cart Construction Connie Construction Chase EMT Girl Nurse Boy

Nurse Boy


Nurse Boy PayPal: Add Nurse Boy to cart



Waitress Winnie Waitress Winnie

Waitress Winnie


PayPal: Add Server Winnie to cart Chef Charlie

Chef Charlie


Chef Charlie PayPal: Add Chef Charlie to cart Teacher Ida Teacher Tom Teacher Ida

Teacher Ida


Teacher Tom


PayPal: Add Teacher Ida to cart PayPal: Add Teacher Tom to cart Pilot Flight Attendant Cancer Survivor Flight Attendant Pilot

Flight Attendant $3.00



Cancer Survivor


Casino Dealer

Casino Dealer


Cancer Survivor Casino Dealer PayPal: Add Flight Attendant to cart PayPal: Add Pilot to cart PayPal: Add Cancer Survivor to cart PayPal: Add Casino Dealer to cart



EMT Boy Teacher Tom EMT Boy Hairdresser



PayPal: Add Hairdresser to cart Hairdresser

Nurse Nonny


Nurse Nonny Nurse Nonny PayPal: Add Nurse Nonny to cart PayPal: View Cart PayPal: Add EMT Girl to cart PayPal: Add EMT Boy to cart

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Policewoman & Buster PayPal: Add Police Officers to cart

Scrubs Girl $3.00

Scrubs Girl Scrubs Girl Scrubs Boy

Scrubs Boy


Scrubs Boy PayPal: Add Scrubs Boy to cart PayPal: Add Scrubs Girl to cart